Brazilian Wax   Specialist Geelong 

Our Brazilian Wax Promise:  It's meticulous, nearly painless,
quick & done in ultimate comfort. Walk out with no soreness or skin irritation!

At Flawless Beauty Concept all treatments are performed with the utmost discetian and gentle techniques. Facial Hair or not, your waxing is done in maximum comfort.
Brazilian waxing is our specialty and we only use high quality wax with soothing extracts and titanium dioxide to give maximum comfort and does not sensitise the skin. You won't experience any soreness or skin irritation. We do not, and never will, recycle our wax.
Our nearly painless Brazilian waxing is performed with hot wax only. With a blend of soothing extracts, it is much more gentle and does not sensitise the skin. The results speak for themselves. A range of post waxing products is also available for the prevention of ingrown hair.
What is Brazilian waxing?

An authentic  Brazilian Wax is when waxing is done over the labia area and into the bottom, leaving a fine landing strip or no hair at all at the front. The pubic line is also brought down.



Is Brazilian Waxing very painful?

Let's say it's not a walk in the park but rest assured, it is nearly painless with the techniques that we used in salon. If you have been shaving for a long time and this is is your first brazilian waxing, you may feel a bit more pain than others depending on your pain threshold. Remember No Pain, No Gain.


Do I have to be on all fours for Brazilian Waxing?


This will be a very awkward position, sorry but no Kama Sutra position at Flawless Beauty Concept. We specialise in Brazilian waxing, so it is done in a very professional way using high quality wax with soothing properties and maximum comfort. 


How do I make the most of my Brazilian Waxing?
Make sure you exfoliate a few days before your waxing appointment. It will give a better result. If the hair is too long, trim it down beforehand.  Following your wax, use a gentle loofah on a daily basis to keep ingrown hair at bay. Do use your Bikini Saver Cream at home if your hair type is prone to ingrowns. Regular appointment is the key to great maintenance and DO NOT SHAVE in between appointments.



Waxing for Women  

Full Leg
Full Leg & Bikini
Half Leg & Brazilian
Eyebrow Design
Full Arm
Brazilian X
Brazilian XX
Brazilian XXX (all off)
Half Leg
Half Leg & Bikini
Bikini Line 
Eyebrow Shaping
Half Arm
Upper lip/chin
Snail Trail
Any trimming
Ingrown Hair Removal

Waxing for Men

Full Arm
Full Back
Full Leg
Full Leg n brief


Lash & Brow

Your brows define your eyes and face. Perfectly defined eyebrows can give you an instant face lift. Longer fuller lashes open your eyes, why not have your lashes defined and brows perfectly arched?
Lash tint
Lash & Brow tint
Fake lashes application
Brow tint
Lash Perm (gentle curling)